Hi, I’m Katy Simpson, an English language teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer.

I used to live in Dubai where there were lots of different nationalities. While I was there, I became interested in how people use English as a Lingua Franca*, like when an Arabic speaker uses English to communicate with a Japanese speaker.

I completed research about English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) for my MA in English Language and I have spoken at international conferences on the topic. I also presented a seminar and podcast for the British Council about ELF, and have written several articles for English language teaching publications.

I do not live in Dubai anymore, but now I see that English is used everywhere in this way, as a Lingua Franca. I think it is an exciting time for ELF, now more and more people understand how important it is. What about you? Do you use English in this way? I would love to hear how you use it, who with, and any tips you want to share. Join the conversation on Facebook!

*On this site we use the term International English, not ELF, because this seems to be clearer for more people.