Fashion and nature worksheet: French and German English

This video is part of our Active Ears series to understand different accents from around the world.

Step 1

  • Download the lesson worksheet here.

Step 2

  • Watch Chanel’s interview with Karl Lagerfeld:

Step 3

  • Watch our ‘active ears’ video about French / German English and download the answer key here. I will give you my answer to the discussion question and you will learn about the pronunciation features you might hear if you communicate with a French / German speaker of English.

(Remember: different does not mean better or worse! At My English Voice, we believe that communication is a ‘two-way’ process – that means, the listener is also responsible for making communication successful. The video might be useful for French or German speakers of English but it is mainly aimed at listeners, to prepare people to hear different accents around the world.)

Step 4

  • Answer the discussion question. Type your answer into the comments section below. The question is:

Imagine you are a fashion designer. You are going to design clothes for a new Chanel collection called Nature Around The World. What clothes would you make? What things around you in nature would you use to make your clothes? You can use anything – go crazy!

Thanks for watching!


Ps. The videos are for learners of English, but teachers are welcome to use these in their classroom too. Please note that phonemic script is not used in the videos, as this series is designed to be as accessible as possible. The research referred to in the video is Jenkins’ Lingua Franca Core. See references below.


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