This lesson is a symbol of protest against Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries. My English Voice is about embracing diversity and using English to bring people together. The videos collected here are a celebration of the people, landscapes and cultures of the seven countries affected by the ban: Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, and Syria.

First, download the worksheet here and the answer key here. Then watch:

Omnia Eteyari speaking about Libya:

CGTN Africa’s report about Jazeera Beach in Somalia:

Dunya Alruhaimi from Iraq speaking about her role helping women in Australia:

Nawwar from Syria speaking about his journey to Germany:

Amani Yahya from Yemen speaking about rap:

CNN’s report about food in Iran:

CGTN Africa’s report about film-making training in South Sudan:


…and if you want a more detailed explanation of the implications of Trump’s ban, watch this useful video from Vox:

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